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10+ Roleplaying Games to Play that Aren’t Dungeons & Dragons

This book is gorgeous and the game is great!

This book is gorgeous and the game is great!

Okay, first things first. I love Dungeons & Dragons. It was the first RPG that I ever played and it is likely one that l will end up playing forever. However, there are plenty of other games out there that I really love. Some I have played (well, run, since I don’t get to play very often) and others I want to start playing/running.

Of course, that would also mean that I need to find a lot more time, since I don’t have much, and more people who want to play. I tend to talk about all those games I want to play from time to time, mostly when I get wistful that I might never get the chance to play them all. The list of games changes sometimes, mostly when new games come out. But for now, I’ve compiled a list of 10 games (I cheated, and it’s technically way more than 10) that I want to play more often, or at all, and I thought that you might want to check out and try some of them out if you haven’t already.

I look forward to running all sorts of games with this system.

I look forward to running all sorts of games with this system.

If I’m being honest, this really just scratches the surface of the games that are out there that I want to play… and more seem to be coming out all the time from large publishers and independent publishers alike. There’s stuff like Mutant: Year Zero, Blue Rose, 7th Sea, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Grimm, Starfinder and so many more. The list literally goes on and on. I will likely be doing some reviews of all the above games, when I get a chance to go through them and play or at least get a good sense of them. I there’s anything you want to know more about sooner, let me know in the comments.

What games might you want to play if you had more time? What games should I be playing that aren’t on this list? Also, how the hell do I find more time to do all of this? If anyone has a time machine or something, let me know.

(Note: The links that I’ve placed in the post are affiliate links, as they often are, which means if you decide to buy anything, I will get a cut of it. Not much, but every little bit is going to help to keep the site running.)

Happy Mother’s Day: D&D Origin Story

I’ve talked about this before. It’s essentially the origin story of why I love and play Dungeons & Dragons, similar to what I have on the about us page. Being Mother’s Day, thought, I wanted to write about it again here because there are just those days where I miss my mother a lot, and this is certainly one of them.

Northeastern Olandara: My First Map for the New Campaign World With Inkarnate Pro

I haven’t had much of a chance to put up as many posts as I would like, and a big part of that is due to the amount of work I’ve been putting into a massive Dungeons & Dragons project that will eventually (hopefully) see the light of day – we’re pushing for fall of 2018. Of course, this will all depend on a range of factors, and one of those is my ability to take care of a bunch or preproduction and production stuff. But that’s not really the focus of this article. This is about my experience with Inkarnate, an online map making tool.

5 Things Game Masters Wish Players Did

If you love playing Dungeons & Dragons, Starfinder, and other tabletop roleplaying games, you are going to want to help keep your game master sane and happy. After all, they are doing all of the behind the scenes work to help make the game as fun as possible. While I’ve been quite lucky with the players that I’ve had (at least over the past year or so), not all GMs are quite so fortunate. So, players out there, if you want to make sure your GM is happy, there are a few things that you can do.

New D&D Book Coming Soon: Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes

Some great news from the folks at Wizards of the Coast! They just announced that there will be a new book releasing on May 29, 2018, called, as you saw in the title, Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. While we don’t know a whole lot about the book quite yet, I’m already looking forward to it based on how happy I’ve been with Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, which I find myself perusing and using more and more often.

Do You Use Miniatures for Your Tabletop Roleplaying Games?

I love the idea of using miniatures and tokens in games like Dungeons & Dragons and Starfinder. However, it’s not something that I do very often. In fact, the only time I’ve used any type of minis or maps recently has been in a couple of Star Wars games that I’ve run, and then on Roll20, of course, since it’s so easy to do. Before that, I hadn’t used any since the third edition of D&D. Even then, they were my DMs minis and terrains, not my own.

Why haven’t I started using minis and terrain? Well, there are a couple of reasons.

DM Tips and Opinions: 10 Benefits of Kids Playing Tabletop Roleplaying Games Like Dungeons & Dragons

Roleplaying games, whether it’s Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Starfinder, Cypher System or anything else, really can be for just about everyone. If you are on this site, then there’s a good chance you feel the same way or you at least want to learn more about how RPGs can affect kids.

There’s something magic about these types of games. They pull you away into a new world or into the setting of your favorite book or movie. I feel that they can be great for people of just about every age (why not have people in retirement homes start playing to keep sharp? It's better than sitting and staring at the television). Let's check out some of the best reasons kids should play.

5 Horror Tabletop RPGs for the Halloween Season

With October upon us, it’s natural to start thinking about adding a bit of horror to your roleplaying game. Whether it is a one-shot or an ongoing campaign of terror, you can choose from quite a few fun and interesting games that might pique you and your players’ interest.

I’ve compiled a list of five games that I think will fit in well with the holiday of horror. Later in the month, I hope to post an article or two on building suspense and horror in your gaming sessions. Let's look at these five games to see what they can offer.

DM Tips and Opinions: Different Ways to Start Off Your Campaign

The tavern is brightly lit and filled with patrons, eagerly drinking from their tankards. The dwarf at the bar is serving drinks left and right, not breaking a sweat. As the crowd begins to simmer, the door is slammed open. People shout as they are being set upon by two bloody figures…

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything Is Coming November 21

I am a sucker for RPG books of all sorts, so I’m naturally excited for the upcoming Wizards of the Coast release Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. At the time of writing this, we don’t know too much about what’s going to be in the book, but we do have some information. I’ve also heard that the Dungeons & Dragons site will be releasing some previews, but I haven’t seen anything yet, so you may want to keep checking their site if you are interested in this book. Now, on to the things that we do know.

DM Tips and Opinions: A Little Help from Your Friends

The role of the Dungeon Master or Game Master can be difficult due to the sheer number of things you need to remember. Even those who have been DMing for years are going to forget things from time to time – it happens. I’ve found that having at least one of the players at the table help with certain aspects of running the game can be very freeing for your mind as a DM. Here are a couple of ways your players might be able to give you a hand.

DM Tips and Opinions: Heroism, Heart, and Humor

When it comes to running a campaign that your players will enjoy and want to keep coming back to time and again, I believe that incorporating what I called the Triumvirate of Hs can help. As you can tell from the title, these are Heroism, Heart, and Humor. I will briefly explain what I mean by each of these things.

Keeping Organized as a GM

As of a few weeks ago I was able to run my own campaign for the first time. I was very nervous, though I am sure that is how everyone feels for the first few times. Luckily everything went smoothly and there were no hiccups! This was thanks in part to how I kept my notes and sheets organized.

Keeping Organized as a Player

I enjoy keeping things organized so it's no surprise to anyone (more specifically Kayla and Jason) when I suggested a few tips. Kayla wasn't too interested, so I more or less got her organized by myself and hoped she liked the outcome. She hasn't complained yet and I'm calling that a win!

Cool on Kickstarter: SINS, a Narrative Roleplaying Game

I thought it would be fun to check Kickstarter sometimes and see what cool and interesting projects are happening and then to write a bit about them here. No, this isn’t sponsored; it’s just stuff that I like.

What Is SINS About?

My Well-Known Secret: Mining Amazon and eBay for Old RPG Books

While I love many of the newer games to have come out over the past few years, including Dungeons& Dragons (5E), Call of Cthulhu (7E), Star Wars, and Starfinder, I have a soft spot for some of the older games, too. Once upon a time, I had quite a few of those old RPGs… I mean, I had a lot. Along the way, I had to get rid of my collection for various reasons, and I really regret doing so today.