My Story "Red Skies" for the Dark Era TTRPG is Available to Read

Photo by Darren Robertson from FreeImages

Photo by Darren Robertson from FreeImages

Just a very short and quick post for today. I wanted to let folks know that the short story “Red Skies” that I had written for the Dark Era RPG is now available at their website.

I would love if you would go and check out the story. It has some horror, a little bit of that 60s-style pseudo science fiction, and some grossness. I thought it was quite fun to write, too, and I am proud that it will be a part of this game.

You can read the story by visiting https://darkerarpg.com/red-skies. It won’t cost you a thing other than the time it takes to read it. Plus, you can check out the rest of the Dark Era site to learn more about their roleplaying game.

Haven't Disappeared... Just a Lot Going on... Including Some Cool Movie Stuff

No excuses, not really. I’ve just been terribly busy and haven’t had the time I need to take care of this site properly. I hope to change that, but as it’s a labor of love, I’ve been spending more time in ventures that can provide me with income. I am a full time writer after all, and we have to hustle at every turn.

However, there is tons that I want to write about, and that I want to talk about (on an RPG-related YT channel that will be coming shortly, hopefully).

However, today, I want to let folks know about something that is kinda cool.

5 Horror Tabletop RPGs for the Halloween Season

With October upon us, it’s natural to start thinking about adding a bit of horror to your roleplaying game. Whether it is a one-shot or an ongoing campaign of terror, you can choose from quite a few fun and interesting games that might pique you and your players’ interest.

I’ve compiled a list of five games that I think will fit in well with the holiday of horror. Later in the month, I hope to post an article or two on building suspense and horror in your gaming sessions. Let's look at these five games to see what they can offer.

Cool on Kickstarter: SINS, a Narrative Roleplaying Game

I thought it would be fun to check Kickstarter sometimes and see what cool and interesting projects are happening and then to write a bit about them here. No, this isn’t sponsored; it’s just stuff that I like.

What Is SINS About?