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Wayward Sisters, We Need You

Wayward Sisters

Wayward Sisters

I came to the Supernatural party a bit late, as I often do with cool things. For some reason, I thought most of what was on the CW had to do with whining, sparkling vampires.

I was wrong, but it was nearly a decade into the show before I started watching, catching up from the start in a matter of a couple of months thanks to Netflix.

Little did I know it was that it was a show that was quite literally built for me. It had classic rock, classic cars, monsters, booze, road trips, fun writing, an agreement that pie is better than cake (because it is), and flannel. It was like the writers looked into my head. It was a show that I could identify with in a lot of different ways, and that was awesome. It doesn’t hurt that the cast also happens to be full of great people.

So, I heard there was going to be a spinoff show called Wayward Sisters, which was going to start some of my favorites (Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, Kathryn Newton and Katherine Ramdeen, along with newcomers to the Supernatural world in season 13 Clark Backo, Yadira Guevara Prip). I thought it would be a show that a lot of other people would be able to identify, and that was cool.

I was excited. Like really excited. I figured a lot of people would like it, and I knew I was going to love it. I love the Supernatural world. I love the character and story building they do, and I love that there would be a show filled with kickass ladies because:

  • A.) It’s good for my daughters (and yours, and your sons for that matter) to see that women can be strong, they can be flawed, and they can be great and do great things.
  • B.) Kickass shows and kickass ladies are always cool.
  • C.) TV could do with some more shows like that.

You can imagine that I was sorely disappointed when the CW decided that they would pass on Wayward Sisters. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, and it would be great if they would reconsider. Or, better yet, it would be great if it were possible for another company to buy the show (of course, I don’t know the legalities of that since Supernatural is part of CW and this would be a spinoff).

Am I just a pissed off Supernatural fan who is bitter about the decision and wanting more of the goodness. Yup. I am.

However, I think this show is more than just a good idea that we’re missing out on. It’s something that should happen. It had a talented and diverse cast lineup, a potential for crossovers (you know CW loves the hell out of their crossovers).

A few hours ago, the CW said that they weren’t picking up Wayward Sisters because they felt they had a better shot with another one of their pickups this year. I’m not going to name it here because I don’t want to disparage another show… no matter how much I might want to run my mouth… because I know that show probably has a lot of passionate people behind it, too. Of course, if the Impala ever rolled into that other show’s neighborhood to “clean it up”, well… that would be okay, too.

Anyway, I’m off to the gym, then my freelancing, then work on a script if there’s time, and finally some more Dungeons & Dragons stuff… oh, and Critical Role is on tonight, so busy day.

The petition to save the show is close to 75,000 at the time of writing this. Even if that doesn't work, it shows me that there are a lot of people who care about it.