My Holiday D&D One-Shot in Tal’Dorei, or “How Grumpus Stole Winter’s Crest”

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to come up with what I hoped would be a fun one-shot that would take place in Matt Mercer’s Tal’Dorei during the holiday of Winter’s Crest. I wanted to add a few holiday special tropes along with some beloved Critical Role characters for the PCs to possibly interact with depending on just how things went for them and the decisions they made.

I ran it for two players, as the other player from the usual Tal’Dorei campaign was unable to attend. It was a single session of about five hours or so. By all accounts, it was a success… a weird and sometimes funny “success”.

I thought I would provide a brief outline of the adventure here without any stats or too much to detract from the story, and so you can more easily adapt it if you would like to run the adventure at any point. You can scale the foes up or down to meet your party’s needs in terms of number, health, etc.

Spoilers: If you or any of your players watch Critical Role, and you haven’t finished the adventures of Vox Machina, there are spoilers in the content. Be warned. This story takes place about six or seven years after the final episode. That said, I think those who have finished the series will have a good time with the story, although there’s a hell of a lot of fan service… some might not like that. Also… this post is long. Sorry about that.