Haven't Disappeared... Just a Lot Going on... Including Some Cool Movie Stuff

No excuses, not really. I’ve just been terribly busy and haven’t had the time I need to take care of this site properly. I hope to change that, but as it’s a labor of love, I’ve been spending more time in ventures that can provide me with income. I am a full time writer after all, and we have to hustle at every turn.

However, there is tons that I want to write about, and that I want to talk about (on an RPG-related YT channel that will be coming shortly, hopefully).

However, today, I want to let folks know about something that is kinda cool.

Movie News, Believe It or Not

There is soon to be a short film based on my short story “Coventry Greens” and the script that I wrote for the story later, which turned into The Greenies. This will eventually be a part of a larger anthology-style movie. This project has been in the works for ages.

I first wrote the short story back in 2008, I believe. It was published in a book of short stories called Northern Haunts from Shroud in early 2009 with a bunch of other writers. Later, it was included in my own collection of shorts, Meat City, which was published by Black Bed Sheet Books. The story itself, in a nutshell, is about a backwoods legend with some creepy Lovecraftian hillbillies and some kids that go looking for them.

I sent the script to a production company called Breaking Fate Entertainment a few years later - I think it was 2012 by this point - and they wanted to make it into a short film. As often happens, things slowed down. From there, it lay dormant for years, but it’s now back on track to being made, which makes me very happy.

Check out the links to learn more about the movie and even see some a practical FX concept and the makeup artist.

About the Project: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-greenies#/

FX: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-greenies#/updates/all

A Favor

To help raise funds for this short indie horror film, Breaking Fate is running an Indiegogo campaign that could use some love and attention. While I know that not everyone can donate, and I’m not begging people to do that, spreading the word about it on social media can help. The more people know, the more it can grow and the better it can be. This is a labor of love but something that I, and all those involved, want to see come to fruition.