Cool on Kickstarter – City of Mist: Nights of Payne Town

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Without a doubt, one of the coolest games with one of the most beautiful books to have come out in recent memory is City of Mist, created and designed by Amit Moshe, along with his team. Now, they have launched a new Kickstarter that looks very promising. First, though, it’s important to learn a bit about City of Mist.

The core book that is out now is massive, coming in at 510 pages, and it contains everything that you are going to need to get started playing in the world. The core book is truly gorgeous and full of art, and the system, which is based on the Powered by Apocalypse system, is relatively simple. However, despite the simplicity of the core mechanic, it allows you to do a substantial amount with your characters.

Example Character

Example Character

I’ll give you the elevator pitch for City of Mist, and then we’ll take a look at their new Kickstarter campaign. Actually, trying to boil it all down to a couple of sentences is difficult. I’ll do my best. It is an urban fantasy game, but it can also be a noir detective/crime game or even a superhero game if you want it to be. It could be all three combined and so much more.

You play a Rift, who is essentially a regular person who also has a myth residing in them, which you come up with during character creation. One of the great things about the game is that you can be just about anything that you want, as there are countless legends from the real world and from fiction that you could use for your Mythoi. This is what provides you with powers for your character. There is also an invisible power in the city called the Mist, which hides your power and true nature (and all of the weird stuff) from the “normals” in the city. I don’t want to get into too much of the details because there’s just so much. Just trust me when I say it’s cool.

And Now, We’ll Finally Get to the Kickstarter

The new Kickstarter is offering several books in the campaign, which they are calling Relics. Two of these are elements of the core book (Player Guide and the MC Toolkit, which are revised and reorganized), and two are brand new. In addition, there are the new Nights of Payne Town book and the Shadows & Showdowns book. It’s all detailed on their Kickstarter page, and I have to say I am excited about both of these new books.

You can head on over to check out the different tiers and options and to figure out if you might want to give this game a shot. You can check out the physical core book, which is available through the Son of Oak's site, and through Amazon. The PDF is also available through RPGNow and DriveThruRPG, as well as the Son of Oak site. I do suggest, though, that if you are going to be buying the core book (even though I would like the affiliate money from Amazon) that you go through the Son of Oak site because when you buy the physical core book, you also get the PDF for free. It's a better deal for you that way.

You can get the free Starter Set, free character sheets, free scenarios, and more through the Son of Oak site, as well as RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. I suggest that everyone pick up the Starter Kit PDF to get a good understanding of what it’s all about. Then, you might want to get the core book and also back this latest Kickstarter.