Cool on Kickstarter: SINS, a Narrative Roleplaying Game

I thought it would be fun to check Kickstarter sometimes and see what cool and interesting projects are happening and then to write a bit about them here. No, this isn’t sponsored; it’s just stuff that I like.

What Is SINS About?

Today, we’ll be taking a brief look at SINS, a narrative roleplaying game that takes place on Earth in the 22nd century. Of course, this earth has been plunged into a post-apocalyptic hell full of monsters and mysteries. Their Kickstarter page says the player characters are “powerful entities known as Nemissaries – reborn individuals back from the dead with a wealth of mysterious powers, who have risen once more to fight an eldritch hive-mind of the undying known as the Brood.” The game is about adventure, combat, survival, and horror….

Okay, that sounds awesome, right?

Their Kickstarter page has artwork, information about the setting and a bit on the rules, and even photos of what the 357-page book looks like (it’s gorgeous). I really love the setting, tone, and the artwork – can’t go wrong with a black, white, and red aesthetic.

The project has been funded, but you still have until September 19 to pledge and help them to achieve their final stretch goal of 25k. One of the other things that I love about this project is that there is minimal risk. Everything is completed and ready to go to print. The bulk of the work seems to be done, and now they are just getting things squared away with the manufacturing and shipping of the books.

I plan to put in my own pledge in within a week or two because I really want that hardcover! Head on over to check it out and see if it might be for you. You can also go and follow their Facebook page.