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The Family Business

Adrianna, Kayla, and Jason






About Adrianna

It's such a strange concept to write about oneself, isn't it? But we always try. Here is my own little bio for you.

I love Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, dice, and pretending to be an old lady (who knits and crochets.) I grew up in a nerdy-centric environment, thanks in major part to my father, Jason. My mother would definitely like to deny that she doesn't enjoy any of this - rpgs, Star Trek, or even comics. This is all a definite lie. I remember when I was five years old and she was very much into geek culture (except maybe rpgs.) Hell she even had a costume from Star Trek!

Even though I grew up to enjoy these things, I actually hid it from the world. In high school I pretended that I wasn't super nerdy. I was one of those kids who knew everybody and everybody knew me, so it wasn't conducive to actually love being a nerd. Eventually I grew out of that my senior year. I had actually received an amazing book from my dad a few christmases prior and finally decided to read it without being embarrassed by the title. The book? Dungeons and Dragons: Dragonlance Chronicles; my all time favorite book. It made me laugh; it made me cry; it gave me the wherewithal to get over the fear of being seen with the book in public. It was at this time where I didn't care what people around me thought about me. 

It was my first year in college when I finally got the chance to play a session of D&D. It was amazing! But alas, it did not last. It took a few years later, on my 22nd birthday, to finally get a "group" to play more than one session. Now, I just want to play all the time. Here's to one day being able to fulfill this dream!

About Kayla

I’m not very fond of talking about myself because there isn’t much to say but bear with me.

It wasn't until relatively recently that I started to get more into nerdy things. It started after I read The Hobbit then watched the films. It's safe to say I became obsessed with it. Who doesn't love a great story portrayed by amazing actors?

The Hobbit was my gateway to the nerdy world. Now I enjoy Marvel films, reading fantasy novels, the Dragon Age franchise, and playing tabletop RPGs! Thank Tolkien…

I’m lucky enough to have people around me like my dad, Jason, and my sister (and bestest friend), Adrianna, that love the same things as I do. I wouldn't have it any other way.

(I also have a slight obsession with one Mr. Chris Evans.)

About Jason

I’m not known for my brevity, so buckle up. I’ll try to keep it as short as possible, but I don’t make any promises.

Let’s go back in time to the early 1980s…

I remember being around maybe eight or nine when my mother came home with a present for me and my little brother, which was quite a treat, seeing as we rarely had much money for things like gifts. She said it was a game we could all play together, and that it was like The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Even at that age, those books were very special to me. She read them to me when I was a baby, and they were a big part of the reason that I would eventually want to become a writer.

She pulled a box from the bag. On the cover was a mad looking dragon that wanted to take a bite out of a warrior wearing a horned helmet. It was the old school (well, still relatively recent at the time) Basic Set, the Red Box, for Dungeons & Dragons from TSR. I had no idea what it was, or how it all worked. My mother read through the instructions while I colored in the pale blue dice with a piece of white crayon… it was thing.

Within an hour or so, we were ready to go. My mother ran us through the adventure, but I can’t for the life of me remember what character I played. My brother was a dwarf that he decided to name Foofer. After we did everything we could in the boxed set, and my mother made up some other adventures. Eventually she bought the Blue Box, the Expert Set. These were some of my best memories as a child.

Fast Forward to the 90s

We eventually stopped playing for one reason or another, and it was close to a decade until I played again, while I was in the military. I was a corpsman and was surprised just how many people played – guys and gals alike. I played with several groups over the course of my time in the Navy, and again, I eventually fell out of regular playing. I even sold all my old books and boxed sets – yeah, I know.

Now, about another decade later, I’m back, and I don’t plan on stopping. You see, I now have two secret weapons to keep me going – my daughters Adrianna and Kayla, who are into the same weird pop culture and RPGs that I love. We currently have multiple games going and have created this site to share our love of all things geeky with you. Best of all, we get to work together on the site, and we get to play all these wonderful games.

If my mom were still here, I think this would make her happy.